Sunday, September 6, 2015

To Love A Soldier By Sophie Monroe

Every once and a while you come across a book that touches you in a way very few ever have. That when you are done reading them you feel like you know the characters in them. You feel the emotions that the author is trying to get you to feel all the way down to your soul. That when you are done reading them they are still in the back of your head. There are a few that I have found that I can say this about.
 I recently read a book that did this to me. The book took a part of my heart for so many different reasons. Not only do you feel the pain and heartache but you also laugh and fall in love with these characters. You cant help but to cheer them on. This book that I'm talking about is by a very talented young author named Sophie Monore. She has wrote some of my favorite books in the Battlescares series and now has recaptured my heart with To love A Soldier.

This book is one that will rip your heart wide open, while also giving you hope.
I had this book on my kindle for a while and just decided to read it. I'm so thankful that I finally took the time out to just sit and read this one. I cant began to tell you the emotional roller coaster that she will take you on with this book. You start out with such heart break for a young family. It only continues to grip your heart but in a different way. A hopeful way. A way that makes you stay up all night because you want to find out what happens. You get a look at what its like to be a military spouse, sister, brother, and girlfriend. How it only takes a few weeks to truly fall in love only to have that person have to go away for months at a time while you are home waiting on them. Hoping and praying that they will come back to you. Than the unthinkable happens and your left trying to pick up the pieces and move forward. I know that this book will touch so many different peoples lives in so many different ways. Rather its something that you have gone through yourself or someone you know has this book will hit home on so many levels.
I very rarely will rate a book 5 stars but this book gets 5+ STARS.
Well done Sophie Monore

About the Author:
Sophie Monroe is a Jersey girl, born and bred, down to the "cawfee" and "watta." She's also the author of the Amazon and USA... TODAY best selling Battlescars series. With a passion for music, especially rock and roll, it only seemed fitting for her to write a rocker series. Her books reflect her sense of humor and sarcasm.She loves introducing people to new music and what she's listening to. You can always find her playlists on the last page of every book. When she's not writing or searching iTunes, she's busy reading, watching movies and being creative.

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